Denevérpad – the real spine doctor

The Denevér Method aka. The Denevérpad is a spine-stretching medical equipment that is primarily used for treating herniated discs, vertebra displacement, scoliosis and muscle-shortening; all of these without the need for an operation. It is also commonly used for prevention of the above-mentioned painful conditions.

This Hungarian invention, the original Denevérpad, is a special spine-stretching tool. The product enjoys patent protection across all EU countries and is the first and only product that offers all of the following features: pain free, gentle, and applies gradual progress to spine-stretching. With this approved medical equipment we can prevent, avoid, stop and treat degenerative spine diseases without any limit on weight, height or age.

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For more information about the bat method please check our presentation about healing and preventing spinal disorders!

29th hungarian innovation grand prix

The committee of the 29th Hungarian Innovation Grand Pix recognizes the Denevérpad Kft. for its innovation „Denevérpad”.

29 March 2021