What is the denevér method? What exactly is the denevérpad??

The Denevérpad is a special medical equipment for stretching the spine, patented across all EU countries. With the help of the Denevér Method, it is possible to non-surgically treat and prevent many degenerative spine diseases.

How does it work?

Through gentle stretching of the spinal joints, the Denevérpad relieves the vertebrae and the discs between the vertebrae from pressure, thus decreasing the muscle spasms and interrupting the vicious circle of spasm –> pressure –> disc deformities –> pressure on nerves –> pain –> more spasms –> pain –> more spasms –> more deformities and so on. By gradually tilting the patient into an inverse posture (almost upside down, thus the name Denevér Method) controlled by a very precise medical electric motor, the patient can lay on the Bat Bench in the most comfortable position, on the back, in a prone position or on his/her side.


Every patient and every spinal disorder is unique; therefore we have developed the Denevérpad in a way that it can meet the individual needs of each patient. We have established the Denevér Method Diagnostic Center, where we obtain the patient’s medical history, examine their medical records and establish the indications and contraindications of the treatment. The treatment can then be tailored individually to the patient’s needs. Safe and effective treatment is established for each patient. Home treatment can be just as safe as treatment in a Medical Center as long as the patient follows the procedures described by our trained specialists.


For health care professionals (doctors, physiotherapists, manual therapists etc.) we organize regular training sessions where, along with practical information, attendees can learn about the latest professional evidence and research implications.


  • Non-surgical treatment of herniated spinal disc
  • Post-operative rehabilitation of spinal hernia
  • Scoliosis
  • Vertebra dislocation
  • Stretching of the spine and the spinal muscles – also in case of muscle spasms (painful shortening of the muscles)
  • Other degenerative spinal disorders
  • Regular and gradual use is beneficial for cerebral blood flow, thus lowering with this the risk of a stroke on longer term
  • Varicose veins
  • Stimulation of the blood circulation of the organs and the metabolism
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Hip disorders

What results can be achieved

  • According to patient feedback, regular use of the Bat Bench can result in long-lasting improvement of the patient’s physical state and mobility, thus improving quality of life.
  • Pain becomes more manageable and medication-free periods are achievable.
  • Relief from skeletal muscle spasms and fibromyalgia (pain resulting from tense and degenerated muscle bundles)
  • Further deterioration can be prevented
  • In many cases, even well indicated spinal surgery may be avoided.
  • Herniated spinal discs may be retracted into their healthy position

Would you like to buy or try the denevérpad?

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Our spine is the central part of our skeleton, providing structure and support, yet making it possible for us to move and use our limbs for sophisticated and well-coordinated actions. The high demands and pace of modern living, together with our mainly sedentary lifestyle puts a lot of physical and psychological stress on the spine without effective muscular support. Therefore it is important to take care of our spine by maintaining the balance between muscle relaxation/stretching and active muscle engagement in our day-to-day lives.

According to the latest research, the progressive degeneration (i.e. the gradual and irreversible worsening of structure and function) of the spinal joints starts at a very young age, even around 12-14. Healthy food and sports cannot arrest this process. For patients experiencing later stages of such degeneration, prevention is too late.

However, the Denevérpad serves as a preventive method that could have helped these people at earlier stages. A herniated disc is one of the most common endemic diseases nowadays, whose prevention is very easy with the Denevérpad. With its special stretching method, the Denevérpad is the easiest way to treat chronic back pain. Age, weight or height are no longer limiting factors.

Frequently asked questions

Conventional gravity stands are classified as sports equipment. The Denevérpad is the first and only medical equipment that can meet the three most important medical specifications:

  • Firstly, it operates gradually. Old-school gravity stands put the user into an inverse position straight away, either with the help of an assistant, or by the user under his/her own power. This means the body does not have sufficient time to get acclimatized to the sudden higher blood-pressure in the brain. In contrast, the Denevérpad operates with a medical electric motor (with a UPS), which provides many advantages. Firstly, the patient does not have to exert force to move the bench or to get onto it. Secondly, we can gradually adjust the tilting to get used to the blood-flow differences and allow the body to slowly compensate for these changes. Thirdly, we can use the Denevérpad on our own, without any assistance. Fourthly, we can check the feedback from our bodies at each step, because the stretching needs to feel relaxing. It is always feedback from the body that determines the right position and therefore our body is the guide during a course of Denevér therapy.
  • Another remarkable difference between conventional gravity stands and the Denevérpad is that you can lay on the Denevérpad in various positions. We can use it for laying on our backs, on the side, or in prone position.
  • The third difference is its gentleness. The Denevérpad operates gently without any sudden pulling effect which could be dangerous in case of back pain. Reaching the steepest tilt angle is not the goal here, but rather finding the particular angle where the patient feels comfortable and where stretching is most effective. If we overshoot this optimal angle, the patient’s body will shortly provide negative feedback, firstly with a light tension or even with a little pain.  Therefore our goal is to keep the patient in a position where s/he can relax all muscles, because we must not stretch the spine under pressure or tension.

A special hook and two adjustable, hard-wearing professional ankle bands secure the patient onto the Denevérpad. The patient can easily fasten the bands onto his ankles with a robust Velcro. The bands allow the patient to lay on the back, on the side or in a prone position. After securing the ankles, we only need to connect the hooks onto the bridge pole.

We can set the angle using a remote control, which is right at the hand of the patient in a receptacle on the side of the bench. If required, the remote control can be removed from its standard position and held by the patient.

Setting the most comfortable angle should be a gradual, step-by-step process, and should always allow the patient’s body to get used to the changes in blood pressure in the brain. After reaching the final angle, treatment typically lasts around 5-15 minutes. In case of experiencing any inconvenience or discomfort, we should go one step back and set the previous angle. With this method, we can avoid any damage, because the patient’s body gives instant feedback during the treatment. During the whole treatment the natural curves of the spine are kept stable.

We suggest using the Denevérpad before going to bed on a daily basis.

In our Diagnostic Center we inspect and examine all the circumstances (medical records, medical indications and contraindications) and with all this knowledge we tailor the treatment, and also teach the safe method of use of the equipment.

Prior to the purchase of the Denevérpad we have a mandatory consultation with the patient, ensuring the safe use of the product.

We provide regular trainings to health care professionals, spine rehabilitation specialists, masseurs, alternative therapists, where we also share our latest research results with them.

From your GP records you may have information about the diseases mentioned below, which can modify or prohibit the use of the Bat Bench; please read this list carefully.

  • Untreated high blood pressure (medically controlled blood pressure allows the usage of the equipment)
  • Advanced osteoporosis (ONLY for de-loading the spinal cord, ONLY after a consultation and approval of your Specialist!)
  • Pacemaker use
  • Glaucoma (Not in every case; please consult your Specialist!)
  • After stroke or with vascular diseases of the brain (ONLY after a consultation and approval from your Specialist!)
  • Cyst or tumor in the spinal area
  • Pregnancy, from the second trimester
  • Ruptured disc herniation (Not in every case; please consult your Specialist!)
  • Bubonocele (a form of inguinal hernia)
  • Reflux (Not in every case; please consult your Specialist!)
  • Spinal stenosis (Not in every case; please consult your Specialist!)

The Denevérpad is an independent healing and preventive option to cure and to prevent a range of spinal diseases. According to our clinical experience, daily use of the Denevérpad can clear symptoms and improve your condition beyond the realms of conventional therapies.

The “upside down”, inverse position has the following positive physiological effects on our body:

  • Our heart and blood circulation can relax, since in this inverse position the heart only needs to pump the blood up to the legs and feet and the venous blood can easily flow to your heart by the virtue of gravity.
  • Our brain, spinal cord and sympathetic nervous system receive nutrient-rich and increased blood-supply. Thank to this nutrient-rich blood-supply, all body functions are intensified. The condition and state of our nerves, eyes, ears, noses and throats are improved.
  • This inverse position is an excellent cure for renal colic.
  • Regular use can treat and manage constipation.
  • The sacrum and groin areas are released from their everyday load.
  • Stimulates digestion.
  • The capacity of memory and intellectual ability is increased.
  • Inverse position improves our concentration. The Denevérpad is extremely useful for people who need to concentrate very hard during working hours
  • Thyroid function, metabolism, heart-rate and the body’s heat-balance will be improved and harmonized by this special position
  • The increased blood-supply around our larynx and pharynx reinforce our resistance against respiratory diseases
  • It helps to stretch our spine, keeping it straight and flexible, as the blood-supply focuses on the spinal canal
  • Since most part of our body is in an inverse position, blood cannot stagnate in the lower limbs, allowing varicose veins to be drained off.

In flat position:

  • height 800mm
  • width: 600mm
  • length: 1550 mm, which can be adjusted by the footrest according to the patient’s height, and can be extended maximum up to 350mm from the edge of the bed surface.


  • height: 250mm
  • length: 1100mm
  • width: 290mm